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Interiér Rímskokatolíckeho kostola Narodenia Panny Márie v Nižnom Slavkove

Region: Sabinov
Microregion: Hornotorysský
First written mention: 1214
Height above sea level: 520 m.n.m.
Numbers of inhabitants: 816
Sufrace of cadaster:
2314 ha

Nižný Slavkov lies in the valley of the creek Slavkovský potok, on the border of Šariš Highlands, Levoča Mountains and Branisko. The altitude in the middle of the village is 510 metres above sea level. The first written record of the village originates in 1214. Early-gothic church built at the end of 13th century is consecrated to Virgin Mary. One Baroque and three Gothic altars decorate its interior. Civil and technical facilities of the village are at very good level.The Municipal office established a Primary school and a Kindergarten. Leisure time Centre serves especially to children and young people. Village has a shopping centre, Post office, Library and many opportunities for practising sports. People in the village develop their regional traditions and habits. Many elements of traditional architecture stayed preserved here until today. There are two chapels, one at the beginning and one at the end of the village that greet all the visitors when entering and leaving Nižný Slavkov. More of those are scattered in the fields. All together, they have six chapels. They contribute to the picturesque spectacle of this small village in the bosom of wonderful nature. Particularly interesting tourist aim is a valley of Čierny močiar.



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